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About Low Carb WOW!

Amazingly tasty low carb recipes, that anyone can make.

That’s right! We are committed to bringing you:

  1. Amazingly tasty recipes!
  2. Recipes that are under 10 net carbs per serving.
  3. Recipes that are easy to make… because who has the time??

Featured in:

Our recipes have been featured in many leading food & lifestyle outlets, including but not limited to:

  • bon appetit
  • epicurious
  • Taste Of Home
  • Today Show
  • Brit + Co
  • Ritely
  • Huff Post Living
  • Food52
  • Better Homes and Garden
  • Parade
  • Pure Wow
  • Foodista
  • domino
  • FeedFeed

About us:

Holly is the founder of Taste And See (TM) and owner/operator of Taste And See.  She is a creator, designer, photographer, editor, journalist, producer, director, gardener, mentor, and best Aunt + Godmother on the planet.  Holly is formally trained in broadcast journalism with corporate experience as a TV producer, video editor, and production manager.   Also, she is a future chicken owner.

Bryan is chief taste tester, dish washer, tech support, accountant, & SEO expert.  His corporate journey has included many operations roles and he’s currently focused on digital transformation, product management, and corporate strategy.  A trusted coach, mentor, and advisor, he is a future beneficiary of said chickens when the day arrives.   

Why low carb?

We stumbled onto low carb as a nutrition option back in the early 2000’s when the South Beach diet was gaining a lot of popularity. We are not people to be swayed by fad diets, so we read up on the science behind low carb, tried it out, and saw great results. It’s served us well over the years, although we definitely appreciate some decadent indulgences in the yummy world of carbs. You can find some of those recipes on our other site, Taste And See.

Privacy & disclosures:

Your privacy is incredibly important to us! We will never sell your personal data to anyone.

Also, we are not nutrition experts by any means and when you use content from this site you understand that we make no promises or guarantees about the nutritional results you may see. (<- our attorney wanted us to tell you that.)

Read more about our privacy policy and disclaimers here.

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